It Seems To Be Getting More Popular For Australian Men To Get Botox Injections… Down Under


Cosmetic surgery is common among people of any gender. These sorts of surgeries can be useful to correct some underlying condition or to address deep insecurities. Also, just like fashion, there are trends. Certain procedures become suddenly very popular.

One such procedure that seems to be increasing in popularity among Australian men is getting botox injections into their scrotum. This is known as Scrotox, the portmanteau of scrotum and botox, although a US doctor calls it “balls ironing”, an extremely visual and direct name – and correct too. Botox injections to your scrotum relaxes your ballsack. This will make it hang lower and reduce the wrinkles.

The procedure is performed for medical reasons for men who suffer from testicular pain or for cosmetic reasons if they want a smoother feel and to appear bigger. Some have done it because, by relaxing the scrotum, it can make sex more pleasurable.

“The most common reason we have guys asking for Scrotox is because their scrotum is tightly contracted, squeezing up on their testicles and it’s painful,” Dr Jayson Oates, principal surgeon and medical director of CALIBRE Clinic, a specialty practice dedicated to male medical enhancement, told “The relaxation of the scrotum helps the testes to hang a bit lower and offers some relief.”

If you undergo the procedure, it will take between three and five days to see some changes, and a full two weeks to see the complete effect. That said, the recovery time is almost immediate, and the doctors advise you not to exercise right after the procedure.

In the Southern Hemisphere country, the procedure costs 1,000 Australian dollars and consists of 55 skin-deep injections performed after a local anesthetic is applied to the sensitive area. In the US in 2016, the procedure would be between $500 and $800 per session. Currently, in the UK, it’s 2,800 pounds.

The treatment is certainly not cheap, and it is important to consider that you will have to repeat the injection every three to four months if you want to keep that “bowling ball” feel, although that time-frame may be extended over time as muscles get used to staying relaxed. 



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