Have You Read Our Free E-Magazine? CURIOUS Issue 1 Is Out Now

Kick back and enjoy some epic science at your leisurely perusal with our new magazine.

clockAug 19 2022, 15:48 UTC
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Read online or download a PDF to peruse at your leisure. Image credit: IFLScience

Did you know that IFLScience has a brand new free e-magazine? Yup, it’s called CURIOUS. Each month you can kick back for a more relaxed form of scientific exploration delivered straight to your inbox as we take you through the month’s science highlights with deep dives into intriguing topics, diary dates for events not to miss, and a zoom in on some of Earth’s most perplexing natural wonders.

We’re also tackling curious questions with top experts, and you can read excerpts from the latest popular science books alongside exclusive author interviews with the people behind them. Are you CUROUS? Find out what to expect from issue 1 below, which you can read here. Issue 2 drops on August 28 so sign up to our newsletter to get it delivered directly to your inbox. 



In our first issue, James Felton tackles a topical subject for the modern human in How To Talk To A Conspiracy Theorist. Should you engage? And if so, how?


There’s a lot of talk in science fiction about cryonically freezing the dead so they can be brought back to life in the distant future, but can humans really survive being frozen like a popsicle? Madelaine Chapman investigates in our eye-opening Deep Dive.



Ever wondered what delicious-looking lava would taste like? As luck would have it, so did Francesca Benson who speaks to two volcanologists about the texture and – if you're not dead – taste of the hot stuff.


Did you know that in Italy there is a fig tree growing upside-down from the ceiling of the ruins of Ancient Rome’s answer to Las Vegas? Yeah, neither did we. Rachael Funnell discusses the city in which it sprouted and how you can get there.



If you like dinosaurs, you don't want to miss our interview with Professor Steve Brusatte, a prominent figure in palaeontology and consultant on Jurassic World Dominion. He’s also the author of the excellent recently published The Rise And Reign Of The Mammals. Like the sound of it? We’ve even thrown in an excerpt for your perusing pleasure.

Plus: News, diary dates, what to see watch, and read this month, and more. You can read Issue 1 for free by clicking this link. You can even download the magazine in PDF format so you can catch up on CURIOUS wherever you please.

Sound interesting? Well go on, take a look.

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