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This Guy Built A Homemade Hoverbike In His Shed


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockMay 1 2016, 09:32 UTC
76 This Guy Built A Homemade Hoverbike In His Shed
Colin Furze/YouTube

The Internet’s own crazy inventor Colin Furze – he of the Wolverine claws and recent thermite cannon fame – is back with another predictably dangerous contraption. This time it’s a hoverbike, which also happens to launch fireworks.

As part of the Unlearn Project, Ford Automobiles asked Colin to come up with an unconventional mode of transportation. He asked his YouTube followers what they’d like to see and, after at least 14,000 suggestions from his fans, he settled on the hoverbike.


In his words, “Can a plumber with no engineering qualifications and no history in flying machines make something which hovers?”

As you can see below, he does a pretty good job. While it’s not quite the speeder bikes à la “Star Wars,” it manages to get some impressive lift off the ground and looks like a lot of fun, although it perhaps needs some improvement on the shin-guards.

Colin also released videos of him designing and building the hoverbike at each stage, which you can view here, here and here.



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