Goldfish Tumor Removal Operation Went Swimmingly

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clockSep 16 2014, 15:08 UTC
2133 Goldfish Tumor Removal Operation Went Swimmingly
Lort Smith Animal Hospital, via The BBC

While some goldfish owners may be tempted to “do the kindest thing” for their sick fish (flush it down the toilet), this lucky little guy’s owner clearly thought he deserved better. After developing a life-threatening tumor, George the fish was taken to see Dr. Tristan Rich at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

According to Rich, the growing tumor was affecting George’s quality of life as he was struggling to eat and was being bullied by his companions, so he gave the owner two choices: surgery or euthanasia.


A dedicated sole, George’s owner took the oppor-tuna-ty to save his 10-year-old pet and opted for surgery. Costing $200, the 45-minute procedure involved putting George under general anesthesia before cutting out the tumor on his head. To keep him alive during surgery, oxygenated pond water was continuously pumped through his gills.

Rich told Melbourne’s 3AW radio station that George is recovering and is now “up and about and swimming around.” Thanks to the operation, he could live for another 20 years.




[Via The BBC]

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