FBI Had Suspect For Zodiac Killer But Missed Their Chance, Sleuths Claim

Case Breakers have a new development in the notorious cold case of the Zodiac Killer.


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Images from the San Francisco police which showed the suspect of the "Zodiac Killer," compared with images of Poste.

Images from the San Francisco police which showed a sketch of the "Zodiac Killer," compared with images of alleged suspect Gary F. Poste.

Image credit: Case Breakers

A team of amateur sleuths that previously claimed to have identified the infamous Zodiac Killer has now made further allegations that the FBI “secretly listed” the suspect since 2016. If true, it would suggest that law enforcement missed a chance to arrest the man, who has been dead since 2018. 

Case Breakers, a non-profit run by investigative journalist Thomas Colbert, has previously alleged that the Zodiac Killer was Air Force veteran Gary Francis Poste. 


In a new development, the group claim that the FBI’s lab in Virginia has a “partial DNA” sample of Poste and he had been “secretly listed” as a suspect on their computers since 2016. Despite this, it appears that authorities didn't look into him enough when he was alive. 

“If this FBI tip is true, why hasn’t HQ had the decency to notify the alleged 13 victim families?” Case Breakers said.

The information comes from an anonymous whistleblower who purports to be a “senior FBI agent”. 

"I stay in contact with several FBI agents who are my friends from my investigation days. While speaking with one of them, I mentioned Zodiac and specifically Gary Francis Pot (GFP). Without prompting the FBI agent, they look up GFP and told me he was listed as the FBI suspect. Then they told me they had a partial DNA of the Zodiac,” the whistleblower said in a statement.


In the late 1960s, a serial killer going by the pseudonym "Zodiac" murdered at least five people in California. Some estimates, however, suggest that they killed dozens of people. During the spree, the killer sent messages to the media written through a cipher where letters are substituted for different symbols. 

The unsolved investigation has seen the serial killer become a regular fixture of popular culture. In turn, many amateur investigators have attempted to solve the mystery.

Case Breakers has also claimed they have evidence of a sixth Zodiac victim, Cheri Jo Bates who was killed in 1966 at the age of 18. However, the FBI has continued to deny Bates was a victim of the Zodiac killer.

“We 100% believe our Cheri Jo Bates case is not affiliated with the Zodiac case,” Riverside Police Officer Ryan Railsback told Fox News in October 2021. “Nothing has changed on that.” 


The FBI still maintains that the case of the Zodiac Killer is unsolved. Conversely, the whistleblower argues that the truth is out there, but the case has been hampered by a stream of cover-ups and corruption. 

“Like cops, federal agents are dealing with huge caseloads, constant training, odd rules, and bureaucracy,” added the whistleblower.

“But when someone wearing a badge or uniform works with others to avoid or hide materials, sidestep difficult procedures, or lie about evidence, they’re hurting our volunteers and the thousands of families waiting for answers."

According to Case Breakers, Poste gave away his gun collection before he died and they have now gathered most of it, along with DNA from a hiking mat once owned by Poste.


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