Fast Track Your Way to a Lucrative Data Career With This $40 Training

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Jason Kobely

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Data is everywhere. In fact, we’re surrounded by so much data that it’s nearly impossible to even wrap our heads around what it all means. And to further complicate the matter, it’s growing. Ninety percent of all the data ever created by mankind has happened in the last 24 months.

And, all that data isn’t just accumulating like dry leaves in the hands of tech companies. It’s everywhere, helping drive decisions like what’s hot in fashionwhat we see in film and television, and even how non-profit organizations approach charitable giving.


Meanwhile, massive data sets are like rocket fuel for machine learning specialists, who use it to craft even more precise courses of action for computers to essentially think for themselves, processing and making decisions about that data, all without human interaction.

As such, it’s no surprise that big data engineers and machine learning experts are not only in high demand but are each commanding some truly epic paychecks for their work.

You can lock in your future by creating the future with the training found in The Complete 2020 Big Data and Machine Learning Bundle ($39.90, over 90 percent off).

This package of 10 courses featuring 68 hours of content goes deep on all the nuts and bolts of both disciplines, including what makes big data and machine learning work, the tools that drive their use, and how learners can apply those principles to projects in virtually any job sector.


The first half of this collection focuses on data science, with six courses offering hands-on training in big data practices as well as the tools that power information-driven analytics. After getting up to speed on the fundamentals, students will find out how apps like Hadoop, Scala,  MapReduce, Elasticsearch, and Spark Streaming are creating easier, faster methods for processing mass data sets in real-time. Armed with the numbers, learners also learn the skills to mine important nuggets from that raw data and turn those findings into actionable recommendations.

Finally, the remaining courses shift to machine learning with the Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners - Level 1 course serving as a key primer on deep learning, thinking machines, and artificial intelligence. Students also gain key insight into using the Python coding language, building artificial neural networks with Tensorflow and Keras, how to design and evaluate A/B tests, and how to implement machine learning at massive scale with Apache Spark's MLLib.

This nearly $1,300 computer science education can get you started toward being a Big Data or machine learning engineer for only $39.90, less than $4 per course.