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Fantastical Gifs Inspired By Real World Physics

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87 Fantastical Gifs Inspired By Real World Physics
Hugo Germain/Real or not real?

How would you react if a dark, smoky mist were to descend from the sky and head straight toward you? No, you’re not in an episode of Doctor Who. This fascinating simulation is one of many creative works by French student Hugo Germain.

Using After Effects and Cinema 4D, Germain merges his interests in physics, engineering and animation to create these mind-bending gifs of seemingly real occurrences.


“Each gif has its own story but mainly it’s a way for me to provide inspiration and make people question basic things we take for granted,” said Germain, speaking to Chaz McIntyre. “I often wonder “What if this or that was different/existed? What would that look like?” Being able to actually create an answer to that question is very exciting for me, and I guess that’s also what people like about it.”

By still applying laws of physics to these fictional wonders, the scenes are made highly realistic and almost believable in a world of science fiction.

You can find more of Hugo Germain’s imaginative creations on his Tumblr.


spaceSpace and Physics