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Doctors Ate Pieces Of LEGO To Test How Long They Take To Poop Out

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Have you ever thought to yourself, "How long will it take to exit?"

Well, University of Melbourne researcher Dr Andrew Tagg and a handful of fearless pediatricians decided to take a couple of LEGO heads for the team so they could answer that very question.


Based on their Stool Hardness and Transit scores and their Found and Retrieved Time scores, the average journey in this small sample group was 1.7 days — apart from one unfortunate pediatrician who still hadn't found his lost yellow head after two weeks of searching.

All up, they concluded swallowed LEGO wasn't a huge concern, but according to Dr Tagg: "Although the majority of items children swallow pass through, some can be dangerous and parents should still be vigilant."

You can read the research published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health here.

There's also a great question and answer session about how it all came to pass here.


And if you still don't believe it, here's the video — of the doctors eating LEGO:

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