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Doctor Accused In $240-Million Fraud Case Allegedly Misdiagnosed And Falsely Administered Chemo To Patients


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A Texas doctor has been indicted on seven counts of health care fraud after allegedly administering “chemotherapy and other toxic medications” based on false diagnoses. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates that 61-year-old Dr Jorge Zamora-Quezada victimized thousands of people, many of whom were undocumented immigrants.

According to a federal unsealed indictment, Zamora-Quezada and unnamed co-conspirators intentionally misdiagnosed patients with various degenerative diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, to allegedly defraud health insurers by billing unnecessary treatments.


After nearly two decades of criminal activity, the fraud charges total $240 million. Authorities say the money-laundering scheme ultimately funded the doctor’s “lavish and opulent lifestyle”. Zamora-Quezada commuted between his two offices using a million-dollar private jet and a Maserati – both of which were emblazoned with his initials.

“Jorge Zamora-Quezada allegedly orchestrated a massive fraud scheme that jeopardized the health and well-being of innocent children, elderly, and disabled victims,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General John P Cronan in a statement. “The allegations that Zamora-Quezada violated his oath to do no harm by administering unnecessary chemotherapy and other toxic medications to patients with serious diseases – including some of the most vulnerable victims imaginable – are almost beyond comprehension." 

Zamora-Quezada and his co-conspirators allegedly funneled money to bank accounts in the US and Mexico and used multiple houses – including two penthouses in Mexico, a condominium in Colorado, and multiple homes throughout Texas – to launder money obtained through the scheme.

"He and his co-conspirators transferred the proceeds derived from the conspiracy to purchase private jets, luxury vehicles, clothing from high-end retailers such as Louis Vuitton, and exclusive real estate located throughout the United States and Mexico," according to a statement from the Department of Justice. 


Authorities say the doctor obstructed investigations by allegedly creating “false and fictitious” patient records and hiding thousands of medical records in a dilapidated barn. He was charged on Monday with one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, five counts of health care fraud, and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The Justice Department says Zamora-Quezada saw as many as 10,000 patients a year. Potential victims could be as young as 12 with the oldest being in their 80s. The FBI is seeking to identify potential victims. If you were a patient from January through May 2018 and you believe you may have been affected, the agency asks that you contact them via the FBI victim’s hotline, 1-833-432-4873, Option 8, or via email to


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