Check Out This Spectacular Photo Of The Grand Canyon


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2339 Check Out This Spectacular Photo Of The Grand Canyon
"So, me and some friends launched a weather balloon in Arizona. Here's an awesome picture of Earth that the side GoPro captured at around 98,000 ft. The Grand Canyon is near the top left part of the frame." Imgur poster Chanmnb.

In June 2013, a group of friends launched a weather balloon strapped with a GoPro Hero3, a Sony Camcorder, and a Samsung Galaxy Note II. They let it go from outside Tuba City in Arizona with the aim of capturing footage of the Grand Canyon from high above the Earth.

The Samsung was used to take still images like the one above, and the Camcorder and GoPro were used to capture footage as the balloon drifted across the landscape.


The group tracked the balloon via the phone's GPS, and the balloon was set to land in an area with good signal in order for the group to recover the cameras and the footage.

The balloon's journey time was only 1 hour 38 minutes but, in a weird twist of fate, it wasn’t recovered for another two years.

The footage and images were taken from more than 30 kilometers (98,664 feet) in the air and, believe me, they're incredible!



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