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How To Watch The ISS Fly Overhead On Christmas Eve

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374 How To Watch The ISS Fly Overhead On Christmas Eve

If you’re still disappointed that you’ll never see Santa zipping across the skies on Christmas Eve, don’t worry, there’s something infinitely better to gaze upon tonight - at least if you’re in the UK.

People of Britain will be treated to a spectacular view of the International Space Station tonight after darkness falls at around 5.20pm. Provided there are no clouds, it will appear as a bright light traveling in an arc across the twinkling night sky. You don’t need binoculars to be able to spot it, but if you’ve got some, it might be a good time to whip 'em out.


Lucky southerners will be treated to the best view of the ISS, so don’t forget to hop outside at 5:22pm if you want a full three minutes of viewing satisfaction. Londoners need to look up around 35 degrees from the horizon, keeping eyes peeled for a bright object gliding smoothly across the navy backdrop from the West. And since it’s Christmas, you’re even going to be spoilt with a second opportunity to see it just before 7pm. If you live in Cardiff, the ISS will first be around 32 degrees before rising to 53.

Here’s a more detailed guide so that you don’t miss anything:

Happy viewing!

[Via The Metro]


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