Biden Announces $6 Billion To Revive Dying Nuclear Power Plants


Jack Dunhill

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

clockApr 22 2022, 14:34 UTC
Joe Biden

The money will help failing plants. Image Credit: BiksuTong/

As the US focuses on pushing towards cleaner energy sources, the Biden administration has now pledged $6 billion to save fusion power plants across the nation from closure, reports the Associated Press


This will mark the largest financial investment into old nuclear plants the US has ever made, and will go towards aiding struggling plant owners to ensure they remain operational.  

The investment is part of the government’s goal of being fossil fuel-free by 2035.  

“U.S. nuclear power plants contribute more than half of our carbon-free electricity, and President Biden is committed to keeping these plants active to reach our clean energy goals,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a statement, reports AP.  

“We’re using every tool available to get this country powered by clean energy by 2035, and that includes prioritizing our existing nuclear fleet to allow for continued emissions-free electricity generation and economic stability for the communities leading this important work.” 


The money will be prioritized to plants that have announced they will close, with the remainder available to prop up others.  

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