Beautiful Park Spends Half The Year Completely Underwater

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1659 Beautiful Park Spends Half The Year Completely Underwater

For half of the year, Tragöß, Austria has a very normal park. In a valley of the Alps, the picturesque park features meadows, trees, stone paths, benches, and a bridge. As beautiful as it is then, it becomes something very special every spring. As snow and ice melt, the runoff from the mountains floods Grüner See (Green Lake). While the lake is only a one or two meters deep in the winter, it reaches depths of eleven meters (33 feet) and leaves the entire park underwater from May through the end of July.

This has become a favorite spot for divers, as the bench, bridge, and trees enjoyed by hikers during the winter are completely submerged in a surreal aquatic environment. The water is very clear with excellent visibility, making a great destination for divers who aren’t put off by the temperature of the water. Things get quite brisk at 4-8 degrees Celsius (39-46 degrees Fahrenheit)!


Take a look at how the landscape changes over the course of the year and how it looks to explore the park during the summer:


Der Grüne See - During the Seasons from on Vimeo.



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