Australian Coins Can Now Be Lethal Weapons


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer

Ouch. Miller Knives via YouTube

Every wild beastie in Australia, a land that’s surely no further than a mile away from the Sun, is armed with venom, poison, sharp teeth, huge fangs, or spikes – at least, according to the popular opinion of those that do not live there. Well, fear not, confused adventurer, because there’s a way to turn an Australian coin into a form of protection against all this ludicrously dangerous wildlife.

As demonstrated by Miller Knives on YouTube, it is surprisingly easy to add a small tooth-shaped blade into a pre-decimal Australian penny, so long as you have a bandfacer, a butter knife, a series of drills, files, screws and hammers, along with a lot of patience and an incredibly steady hand.


There’s something a little morally dubious about sharing a video that explains how to construct what is essentially a concealed knife, but it is a pretty useful non-lethal tool all the same.

The folding coin knife. Miller Knives via YouTube

[H/T: Gizmodo]

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