Are No Two Snowflakes Alike? Find Out More In Issue 17 Of CURIOUS – Out Now

Was the Christmas star a real astronomical event? How do you find a mate in the twilight zone? All this and more exclusively in the latest issue of our free e-magazine.

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CURIOUS Issue 17

Is it true that no two snowflakes are the same?

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Issue 17 (December 2023) of CURIOUS is out now, bringing you science highlights for the month plus deep dives into intriguing topics, interviews, exclusives, diary dates, and explanations for some of Earth’s most perplexing natural phenomena and landscapes.

In This Issue


OUR COVER STORY: Are No Two Snowflakes Alike?

Snow crystal development is complex but deterministic, so can we really say that no two snowflakes are the same? 

DEEP DIVE: Was The Christmas Star A Real Astronomical Event?

Is there any evidence the Star of Bethlehem was real, and if so could it be a comet, planetary conjunction, or even a supernova?

WE HAVE QUESTIONS: How Do You Find A Mate In The Twilight Zone?

Is dating in the dark easier with an extra sense?

WHERE ON EARTH: The Fastest Glacier In The Northern Hemisphere

Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord has a need for speed, being among the fastest calving glaciers in the world.

Exclusive: Meet Authors Kelly and Zach Weinersmith and read an excerpt from their new book A City on Mars.

Plus: News, diary dates, what to see, watch, and read this month, and much more.

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