All-New $35 Raspberry Pi 3 Goes On Sale


Robin Andrews

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173 All-New $35 Raspberry Pi 3 Goes On Sale
Warning: Does not taste like an actual raspberry pie. Raspberry Pi Foundation

A few days ago, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched the third generation of its flagship personal computer. The Raspberry Pi 3 will cost just $35, have in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and will be armed with a 64-bit processor – double that of its predecessor released only last year.

The Raspberry Pi series, a range of credit card-sized computers first sold in 2012, has become one of the best-selling computer systems of all time. Easily programmable and compatible with all kinds of other devices, the device was launched initially to boost the public’s interest in computer coding.


Eight million sales later, and it can be found everywhere, from war-torn Syria where it’s being used as part of an independent radio network, to the International Space Station where it’s being used to run experiments. The general public has also taken to it with huge enthusiasm: From making robots out of their shoes to designing automated pet feeders, the only limit appears to be their imagination.



Raspberry Pi creator Eben Upton said that the company has upgraded the computer’s hardware but managed to keep the price the same as the Raspberry Pi 2. This was accomplished by “optimizing the unsexy bits of the design,” and by making the manufacturing much more efficient, according to Arstechnica.


A more advanced graphics and video processing suite has also been added this time around, giving it the ability to support 1080p video at a full 60 frames per second. Its maximum possible Wi-Fi speed is 150 megabits per second, although it will generally only hit between 20 and 40 megabits. As before, this Pi incarnation uses relatively little power when operating, compared to laptops or desktop computers.


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