Watch This 60-Foot Robot Take Its First Steps


Jack Dunhill

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

clockJul 28 2020, 20:02 UTC
The 60-foot robot took its first steps in Port of Yokohama.

No, you’re not watching Pacific Rim or an insane anime – this is an actual 18-meter (60-foot) robot taking its first steps (at least, sort of).


Designed after the popular Gundam robot from multiple TV series and manga, this is by far the largest robot ever created – and it looks just as awesome as we imagined. The massive robot, currently in construction in Gundam Factory Yokohama, Japan, is seen lifting and lowering its legs in preparation for its debut in October 2020, although that may be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. 


Watch as the robot lifts its leg for the first time. Credit: Michael Overstreet on YouTube

People in cranes are seen whizzing about the robot, tweaking moving parts as they carry out mechanical testing. This appears to be a preliminary test, with no weight put on the legs. But whilst it may not be ready to fight supervillains just yet, it looks well on its way to full independent walking.


Gundam Factory Yokohoma has been working on the robot since January with the aim of providing the spectacle of a 60-foot, 25-ton walking robot. Popular Mechanics reports the robot will feature articulated fingers, 24 degrees of freedom, and the ability to support its huge weight, adding to Japan’s impressive robotics records.

The robot resides just outside of Tokyo in the Port of Yokohama, where it will stay for a year. It is already a technical marvel, and we're incredibly excited to see it in full operation.