300 Drones Just Rickrolled An Entire City In Texas


James Felton

Senior Staff Writer

clockApr 6 2022, 12:05 UTC
300 drones were involved in the Rickroll

300 drones were involved in the Rickroll. Andy Dean Photography/

A company in Texas "Rickrolled" an entire city using 300 drones to create a gigantic QR code in the sky.


Sky Elements Drones Shows, based in Fort Worth, launched the drones 121 meters (400 feet) up in Dallas on April Fool's day as a prank. Anybody curious enough to see a QR code light up the city sky and scan it was treated to a Rickroll. Rickrolling, for those who have missed out on pretty much the entire history of the Internet, is where you trick people into watching a short clip of Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up. For a full definition see here.

If you scan the QR code while watching the video, you will get the same glorious Rick Astley classic that the city of Dallas was treated to.

“After seeing how much of a hit our last QR code at South by Southwest was, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to prank the entire city of Dallas with a mysterious QR code,” Sky Elements’ chief pilot Preston Ward said of the prank.

The company has done similar stunts in the past, including launching a QR Code drone swarm that linked back to a showcase on their website.