12-Year-Old Makes $400,000 Creating 'Weird Whales' NFTs


Jack Dunhill

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clockAug 27 2021, 12:48 UTC

NFTs are making some lucky people very rich. Image Credit: grandbrothers/

A 12-year-old entrepreneur has found a pretty interesting way of making money, after creating a series of pixelated drawings of whales and selling them as NFTs. By using a program to add hats and other accessories to a base whale drawing to create the ‘Weird Whales’ series, Benyamin Ahmed has racked up an impressive $400,000 (£290,000) over his summer holiday break. 


Benyamin will now be returning to school a seriously wealthy child and is keeping the fortune in the cryptocurrency Ethereum (how many NFTs are paid for) for the time being. He hopes to continue his love for coding, taking after his father, who is a software developer and involved the children at a young age.  


"My advice to other children that maybe want to get into this space is don't force yourself to do coding, maybe because you get peer pressured - just as if you like cooking, do cooking, if you like dancing, do dances, just do it to the best of your ability," he said in a statement to the BBC

The whales were generated using a program that Benyamin wrote, with this series including 3,350 pieces of art. Now that they have sold, he wants to create a ‘superhero’ collection, and even a game with his work in. 

[H/T: BBC]


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