Yet Another Teaser Trailer Of The Hoverboard Lexus Claims It's Built

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1199 Yet Another Teaser Trailer Of The Hoverboard Lexus Claims It's Built
It certainly hovers, it is a board but is it real, Lexus? Lexus/YouTube

Lexus caused an excitable stir last month when it dropped its short teaser trailer for Slide, the very real, rideable hoverboard the company allegedly has had in production for years.

The hoverboard works with magnetic levitation, which is impressive if it can actually carry the weight of a person. Unfortunately, this also means that it requires a magnetic surface to levitate. So as long as the route to wherever you want to travel to is fully magnetized, you’re good to go.


Chasing up that promo with another short, the luxury car brand has employed the skills of pro skater Ross McGouran to test out Lexus’ latest creation. McGouran describes the experience of the Lexus Hoverboard as like “floating on air”. Infuriatingly, he doesn’t even climb aboard the ‘board to give it a test drive.

For some maddening reason, Lexus asked a pro skateboarder to run his hand underneath a CGI-looking hoverboard but not to give it a test drive. Without any footage of the hoverboard actually in action, Lexus is simply not lending itself any credibility here

Check out the video from Lexus below. Because we can only enjoy artfully shot videos of people walking around the hoverboard for so long, Lexus.





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