Watch Elon Musk's Moving "Solid Metal Snake" Charge A Tesla Car

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clockAug 8 2015, 15:09 UTC
1616 Watch Elon Musk's Moving "Solid Metal Snake" Charge A Tesla Car
Sensing its target, the "solid metal snake" lowers... Tesla Motors/YouTube

Way back when in December 2014, Elon Musk tweeted that the team at Tesla Motors "are actually working on a charger that automatically moves out from the wall & connects like a solid metal snake. For realz."

That's right, Elon Musk actually said "for realz," which may have detracted from the automatically moving and charging "solid metal snake" part.


A man of his "tweet," there is now footage of the serpent-like prototype in action as it inserts itself into a shiny Tesla Model S, heralding the latest development of the electric car charger. 

Tesla Motors/YouTube

Hitting that sweet spot, the port of the now-charging car glows an encouraging green. Check out the video from Tesla Motors below.




[H/T: Popular Science]

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