Virtually Get “Out” Of The House With These Live Cams From Around The World


Madison Dapcevich


Madison Dapcevich

Freelance Writer and Fact-Checker

Madison is a freelance science reporter and full-time fact-checker based in the wild Rocky Mountains of western Montana.

Freelance Writer and Fact-Checker


Canceled spring break plans? You can still virtually visit Florida and other places around the world with these entertaining live cams. Manatees in Florida's Crystal River. Alex Couto/Shutterstock

Lions and tigers and bears, oh – yes! As the world continues to study SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, millions of people around the planet face unprecedented self-isolation and social distancing measures meant to mitigate its spread. But in the digital age, staying home doesn’t mean you have to give up your connection with the outside world.

A large number of organizations, zoos, aquariums, and research facilities now offer live-streamed cameras to take you behind-the-scenes, under the surface, and into the nests of some of the world’s most incredible animals. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed.


Kick It With Baboons (And Other Animals) At The San Diego Zoo

Located in sunny southern California, the San Diego Zoo host 10 live cams that offer a peek into the daily lives of animals behind enclosures. Here, you can watch the zoo’s troop of baboons as they frolic and groom one another or dive below the water with African penguins. Also available are live views of polar bears, apes, koalas, giraffes, burrowing owls, elephants, tigers, and condors.

Explore Below The Surface With Monterey The Bay Aquarium

A quick drive north will take you to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Though the facility has closed its virtual doors to the public, live cams are still up and running in the aviary, coral reef, kelp forest, penguin enclosure, as well as the sea otter and shark tanks. The aquarium also offers views of the sweeping Monterey Bay and open ocean as well as glances at moon jellies and sea nettles.


Don’t forget to also check out live feeds and presentations at the Seattle Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, and New England Aquarium.

Go Whale Watching Off The Canadian Coast

OrcaLab not only streams video from around Johnstone Strait in British Columbia every day but also offers the opportunity to listen to underwater sounds of the area with its hydrophone feature.

Take Your Family On A Virtual Safari


Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa is the last free-roaming elephant population in the area, and also one of the few to offer a live feed of their resident animals. You can also check out the Mpala watering hole stream for a chance to peak hippos, gazelles, and other wild African animals night and day.

Screengrab/Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Fly To The Minnesotan Tree Tops And Watch Nesting Eagles

A pair of eagle parents have been sitting on three eggs and viewers around the world have been eagerly watching, waiting for “little fuzzy, wobbly heads” to poke out any day. Join them by tuning in here.

Other bird cams include the Chesapeake Conservancy great blue heron feed and the bella hummingbird’s nest.  


Visit Public Places Without The Crowds

If people is the thing that you’re missing, then EarthCam has you covered, though you may be surprised to see just how empty streets are around the world. These live-fed cameras offer a glimpse at public places around the world, from Fremont Street in Las Vegas to New York City’s Time Square – and beyond!

And That Is Just The Beginning

From nursing puppies to livestock barns and big cat sanctuaries, there is a suite of live streams available to satisfy any out-of-the-house inclinations you may have during this difficult time. Be sure to check out Explore for a full list of available digital trips around the globe.  


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