The Science Of Luck. Find Out More In Issue 12 Of CURIOUS – Out Now

Are we really all made of stardust? What can we learn from skeletal remains? All this and more exclusively in the latest issue of our free e-magazine.

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The Science of Luck, CURIOUS Issue 12 July 2023

Is there any actual science behind the concept of "luck"? 

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Issue 12 (July 2023) of CURIOUS is out now, bringing you science highlights for the month plus deep dives into intriguing topics, interviews, exclusives, diary dates, and explanations for some of Earth’s most perplexing natural phenomena and landscapes.

In This Issue


OUR COVER STORY: The Science Of Luck

Is there any science behind luck? You may be surprised.  

DEEP DIVE: Are We Really All Made Of Stardust?

The wildly popular idea that we are all made of stardust is not exactly wrong, but the devil is in the details.  

WE HAVE QUESTIONS: What Can We Learn From Skeletal Remains?

Bodies still have plenty of tales left to tell long after they are dead.  

WHERE ON EARTH: Steamy Stuff At Fly Ranch Geyser

A window into Earth’s steamy thermal activity can be found in Nevada, USA, where the Fly Ranch Geyser sports cascades of color and has a fascinating explanation as to why.

Exclusive: Meet Author and London Mayor Sadiq Khan and read an excerpt from his new book Breathe: Tackling The Climate Emergency

Plus: News, diary dates, what to see, watch, and read this month, and much more.

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