The Words You Should Never Google, According To People Who Have

Do not under any circumstances google anything on this list. Image credit: Quietbits/

Ah, Google, the world's number two website. An incredibly useful tool that can become an absolute horror show if you use it incorrectly.

Some people have learned this the hard way so that you don't have to. These are some of the words that you should never Google, according to people who have. 


We can confirm that this is something you'll wish you could un-google, in case you see any of the images. Larvae can infect the mouth, a condition known as oral myiasis.

Multiple medical case reports have documented unfortunate patients whose mouths have been invaded by insect larvae, with one letter to the British Dental Journal describing that "the room filled with the pungent smell of rotting flesh."


Another one of those medical terms that you don't need to know about. If you have been degloved, you will know about it. 

"A friend of mine worked at a summer camp. He was in charge of, among other things, the climbing wall. One of the rules was no jewelry, and a lot of girls of a certain age didn't listen. Before he let them on the wall, he'd check to make sure they were actually ready, and a lot of times he'd spot a ring on their hand," one Redditor commented, in case you need more convincing.

"If they didn't listen the second time he told them to take off any jewelry he'd ask if they knew what degloving was, which inevitably they did not. And he would then whip out his phone and show them a picture of a hand with a degloved ring finger. Suddenly, they'd get a lot more cooperative."


It's claimed that the opioid drug desomorphine was nicknamed "krokodil" due to illicitly-produced batches often being contaminated with toxic substances, giving people who inject it skin damage with a "crocodile-like" appearance. That's all you need to know on the topic.


There are a lot of unfortunate surnames out there, but you have to feel sorry for the Fourniers, who share their name with a type of bacterial infection called necrotizing fasciitis that affects the genitals.

"This aggressive and life-threatening form of cellulitis typically occurs in patients who have had local trauma to the perineum and patients with diabetes mellitus," the Medical Dictionary explains.


This one is just good advice.


Sometimes this can happen with male babies, apparently, and is not something to be too concerned about. However, it's something you should ask fellow mother/fathers, a health worker or a doctor if you have worries, rather than a tech giant, should you want to remain off a list.


It sounds mathsy. It is not mathsy


Harlequin ichthyosis is a rare genetic skin condition affecting babies, causing the skin to form into thick, cracked plates. Babies with this condition need intensive care, with survival being rare in the past.


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