Man Wears Greenman Suit To Become Invisible On Fiancée's Zoom Meetings. It Does Not Go Well

Camouflaged man. Image credit: Svilen G/

A few years ago, you had probably never really heard of Zoom. Now, a significant proportion of the population is in a situation where they have to remain dressed in their own home so that they don't accidentally flash their/their partner's whole office.

This isn't just a hypothetical. Yesterday, a Canadian lawmaker had to apologize after accidentally flashed the whole of Parliament.


One man has come up with a solution to avoid appearing in the background of his fiancée's zoom meetings, and it's got a serious Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia vibe to it. 

TikTok user @tailoredbits donned a green man suit (or a green morph suit as they're more commonly known) like he was playing Gollum in Lord of the Rings. The theory was that if his partner used a computer-generated zoom background, he wouldn't show up behind her.

As he says in the caption, it is absolutely flawless.


Well, apart from the visible head and, at times, entire body. A full morph suit where the face is covered could do the trick, though wearing full lycra over your face for the duration of the workday in order to not be seen in meetings might be worse than the problem it's trying to solve.


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