Italian Senate Zoom Meeting Interupted By 3D Final Fantasy Pornography

The online meeting included Nobel Prize-winning physicist Giorgio Parisi as a guest. Image credit: charnsitr/

A Zoom meeting of the Italian Senate was interrupted briefly on Monday by the screening of 3D Final Fantasy pornography.

At the online meeting – including Nobel Prize-winning physicist Giorgio Parisi as a guest – someone was able to log in and proceeded to play animated pornography featuring the characters of the popular video game Final Fantasy. The error took some time to correct, with the user/s able to log back in several times in order to continue to stream their video of choice to the bewildered attendees.

“There’s a person that has snuck in – I apologize. If the other director please can help me kick out this person,” one of the organizers said, according to local news website Fanpage.IT. "If the director will please give me a hand to oust these people," they said, before having to add "I am removing everyone, but I don't know who is re-admitting these people."

The clip is has been removed from the Italian Senate stream, though it is still preserved in the Twitter thread below. Please be advised that it is NSFW.



Following the meeting, Five Star Movement Senator, Maria Laura Mantovani, who hosted the meeting addressed the incident.

"With the increase in infections, we decided that it was only online. I was physically at Palazzo Giustiniani, the other speakers all connected via Zoom. After half an hour from the beginning, at about 3.30 pm, some people entered the meeting with [probably fake] names, they shared the screen," she said.

"And for less than a minute they saw sex scenes between a man and a woman in stylized form and without faces, it was probably a manga or a cartoon. People were immediately expelled from the meeting and I notified the police who were in the Senate and the technicians. Tomorrow I will report to the postal police."



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