Entire Flight Aborted After Passengers Received Grim Photos Of Plane Crashes

Asiana Flight 214 made a crash landing at San Francisco airport in 2013. Image Credit: Mike Brake/Shutterstock.com

If you’re a nervous flyer, you’ll know that any mention of a plane crash before setting foot aboard is enough to set off a panic. So, when passengers on board a Turkish AnadoluJet flight all began getting pictures of plane crashes AirDropped onto their phones, they reacted expectedly, aborting the entire flight. The possible deadly terror threat led to the flight takeoff being stopped, passengers disembarked, and all luggage reinspected. 

The plane managed to take off five hours after schedule – but not before multiple young Israelis were taken for questioning. The motivations of the sender or senders are still unclear, but no threats were discovered on the plane. It looks to be a prank gone very, very wrong. 

The images in question were mainly of a 2009 Turkish plane crash that occurred during takeoff from the Netherlands, killing 9 people, as a result of faulty onboard equipment. Each image was received via AirDrop, a service allowing iPhone users to send images directly to other nearby iPhones, and the captain then took the decision to ground the flight. 

One of the images sent, depicting Flight 214 that crashed in 2013. Image Credit: Israel Airports Authority

"Security crews are taking all necessary steps to ensure that there is no danger to passengers. This includes a re-inspection of the passengers and their luggage,” said the Israel Airport Authority, reports Ynet

"All the steps taken are done in cooperation and coordination with the flight's captain, who exhibited great responsibility with his decision to return the plane to the terminal." 


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