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Talking About Pilates In Your Dating Bio Increases Your Chances Of Finding A Lasting Relationship


Dami Olonisakin

Editorial Assistant


Online dating is becoming increasingly popular, with plenty of singles turning to the Internet to find a new love interest. As members tap or swipe past several profiles of the opposite or same sex it can be a task to find your perfect match.

However, If you’re trying to increase the number of messages you receive on a dating site, this just might be the answer.


According to the dating site Zoosk, adding the word “pilates” to your dating profile biography might be all you need to do, as it can help increase the number of messages you get by 160 percent.

Sounds crazy right? But the online dating website surveyed more than 7,000 users and looked at data from more than 1.2 million dating profiles, to see just exactly how singles feel about staying fit and their health.  

The survey revealed that profiles that involve a workout were more likely to get engagement from other users. If "kickboxing" was mentioned it increased the influx of messages by 139 percent, "zumba" increased them by 130 percent, "crossfit" by 55 percent, and "running" 54 percent.

Their research also showed the most health-conscious cities in America were those with dating profiles that spoke about their health. The top three were Los Angeles, New York, and Miami/Fort Lauderdale.


In past research, online dating platform eHarmony listed the top three most attractive interests for women were exercise, photography and traveling. Meanwhile, for men, traveling, exercise, and theatre were seen as the most appealing interests.

Jonny Beber, eHarmony’s lead data scientist, explained in a statement that it appears men are drawn to women who enjoy staying healthy and exercising. “According to evolutionary psychology, men are looking for women who will be a healthy and attractive partner to pass along their genetics with to create the best possible offspring,” he said. 

“Both sexes value health and exercise, indicating that they like to take care of themselves.” 

previous study by Zoosk also revealed that bios that include anything around the topic of food made them seem more appealing.


So, now you know exactly what to do. To become more successful at online dating talk about your love of pilates and learning new recipes.


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