Strange Alien-Like Dude Seen Sitting In A Car On Google Street View

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A screenshot of Google Street View showing silver car driving on the road.
I want to believe. Image credit: Screenshot of Google Street View

Step aside, SETI. A strange figure caught in the backside of a car on Google Maps has caught the eye of alien hunters. While we doubt NASA will be too eager to follow up on this tip-off, it certainly is a strange sight. 

Crystal Patterson, 45, reportedly came across the figure while searching for a local garage sale in the small town of Mapleton, Maine, using Google Street View. While on her digital drive through the neighborhood, she noticed a car that appears to have a naked driver, so she zoomed in for a closer peek (hey, you would do the same.) 


The potentially nude driver was suddenly of little concern. Inspecting the car closely, Crystal noticed a faint humanoid figure that looks like a small alien chilling in the back of the car.

A silver car driving down the road on Google Street View.
A close-up of the shot above with brightness turned up. Image credit: Screenshot of Google Street View

Could this be the proof of extra-terrestrial life that scientists have been hoping for? Or is it a totally inconspicuous trick of the eye? We couldn’t possibly comment.

Nevertheless, it’s not the first time that Google Street View has helped to solve long-standing mysteries. Earlier this year, it was reported that a notorious Italian gangster on the run for 20 years was tracked down to a Spanish town after being spotted on Google Street View.


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