Smart Suit Purifies Air To Make It More Breathable

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clockJul 29 2015, 19:22 UTC
1381 Smart Suit Purifies Air To Make It More Breathable
How a suit can breathe. ByBorre.

Collaborating to make use of the items we wear every day, fashion designers and tech companies are regularly bringing the latest in wearable technology to make them stylish and practical.

ByBorre is one such company, incorporating technology into its textiles to produce fashionable, useful clothes.


“What could a suit do for people, like those living in Beijing?” asks ByBorre founder and smart clothing designer Borre Akkersdijk, talking to BBC Click. “We can add [a] detector sensor so that you can see how much smog and what kind of smog [is in the air].”

“We collaborated with developers from Germany that were working on Cold-Plus technology. And even though it was bulky, we could integrate it in the suit and make the suit not only detect the smog but also clean the air.”

Check out the video below for more from Borre Akkersdijk and his range of smart clothing helping those in need.



[H/T: BBC]

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