Real-Time Computer Simulation Shows How The Titanic Sunk


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockApr 21 2016, 22:11 UTC
1167 Real-Time Computer Simulation Shows How The Titanic Sunk
Four Funnels Entertainment/Titanic Honor And Glory/YouTube

At 270 meters (882 feet) in length, the Titanic was once the largest ship ever created by humanity and paraded as being an unsinkable ship. Of course, hindsight now reveals this to be an optimistic claim.

This last April 15 was the 104th anniversary of the ship's demise. In a (slightly morbid) homage to this engineering marvel, indie game developers Four Funnels Entertainment have created a real-time simulation showing how it sunk on its maiden voyage from Southampton, United Kingdom, to New York in 1912.


Throughout the 2 hours 40 minutes of footage, each event is time-stamped with an explanation of what exactly occurred, from its initial run-in with the iceberg to the flooding of the decadent interiors and its final moments above water.

Check it out below.



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