Quantum Dots Can Charge Your Smartphone In 30 Seconds

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630 Quantum Dots Can Charge Your Smartphone In 30 Seconds

On average, it usually takes about 2-3 hours to charge a smartphone from completely drained to 100%. Because so many of us are constantly on the go and rely so heavily on our phones throughout the day, battery life becomes increasingly important. A new device by an Israeli startup called StoreDot could revolutionize battery charges by bringing a phone from dead to full in about 30 seconds.

The secret to StoreDot’s technology is quantum dots, which are about 60 times smaller than a single HIV virion. The “dots” are actually peptides that have been altered to have certain properties, like optical or the ability to generate charge when strained. Only two peptides are connected and they have a crystalline structure that aids in their stability and ability to hold a charge, which should last through thousands of charge cycles.


Traditional batteries use an electrolyte to generate electrons, but StoreDot has made a battery that uses a quantum dot nanocrystal solution instead. The resulting battery is about five times more powerful. It could also be used to make a batter equal in power, though considerably smaller.

Currently, StoreDot’s charger is about the size of the phone, though a couple inches thicker, but the company is working on scaling it down for a commercial release in late 2016. The charger is expected to cost about $30. The prototype was built for the Samsung Galaxy 4, though they plan to make chargers for other brands as well. 


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