People Can't Decide If This Latest Optical Illusion Is A Beach Or A Door


Jonathan O'Callaghan

Senior Staff Writer



There’s a new optical illusion doing the rounds on Twitter, and this time it’s got nothing to do with a piece of clothing. Huzzah!

Evidently, it all began on August 24, when Twitter user @rebeccareilly_ tweeted a picture of what looked like either a door or a beach on its side. Down in the comments, people were left scratching their heads as to the right answer.


Reading through, some were adamant that it was a door with a blue, green, and white frame, with people even having a rather amusing stab at what that would look like.


Elsewhere, others were confused how this could be a beach, particularly because of the “line of darkness at the edge.” Sssh, don’t let the flat-Earthers know.


Some were at a loss to explain how this looked like a door, while others were quick to cash in on other recent illusions.


It wasn’t until @rebeccareilly_ posted another picture that the true secret was revealed. She tweeted the original image on August 27, showing that it was a beach all along.


But this isn’t the only illusion we’ve been privy to enjoying lately. About a month ago, there was a weird dot optical illusion, and let's not forget that super confusing man wearing heels illusion.

Can you believe we made it through the whole of this story without mentioning the illusion that started it all, though? Keen observers might be saddened to read the first letter of each sentence, however.


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