Metaverse Gets A Kicking From The Internet After They Announce Legs

The Metaverse has an exciting new announcement: legs.

James Felton

James Felton

Senior Staff Writer

clockOct 12 2022, 11:44 UTC
Mark Zuckerberg, looking like he's having an epiphany while a speech bubble indicates he is saying the word "legs".
The epiphany probably went down like this. Image credit: Frederic Legrand - COMEO/, IFLScience

The Internet has given the Metaverse a kicking after the company made an exciting new announcement: legs. The Mark Zuckerberg-headed company announced on Twitter that legs will be added to the metaverse, in a move that will surely save the struggling "digital world".

The announcement asked Twitter users whether they were excited about legs.


People, it turned out, were not excited about legs except for the purpose of sarcasm.

Those who weren't being sarcastic tended to be making jokes, or unimpressed. 

Aside from the fact there hasn't exactly been a huge fan demand for legs, people had problems with the current state of the rendered characters.


"Maybe in 2023 they can even develop the technology to have shadows under those avatars," one Twitter user wrote, while another added "Zuckerberg's obsessive focus on something that absolutely nobody wants is an incredible sight to behold".

The company has not yet announced when the floating ghouls of the Metaverse will be attached to their new limbs.

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