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Man Unable To Close His Eyes For 3 Years After Botched Plastic Surgery

James Felton

James Felton

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clockJan 20 2022, 17:28 UTC
Man left unable to close his eyes

Like this, but permanent. Image credit: Charlie Edwards/

A man has reported that he has been unable to close his eyes for three whole years due to a botched plastic surgery on his cheeks.

Pete Broadhurst, a retired painter and decorator, spent £11,000 on a procedure to reduce the puffiness of his cheeks back in 2019. The 79-year-old had dental surgery in 1959 to move back his molars, which were too far forward in his mouth. Following the treatment, he was left with enlarged cheeks, which he described in an interview as "puffy hamster cheeks".


One of his partners left him, telling him that his appearance was the reason for it. He grew more insecure about his looks over the course of two further relationships, at which point he sought corrective surgery.

The man, from Birmingham in the UK, was given a neck lift, under-eye blepharoplasty, and a rhinoplasty during a nine-hour surgery. Unfortunately, after the procedure, he developed ectropion, a condition where the lower eyelids droop away from the eyeball, and he was left unable to fully close his eyes.


He was told that the condition was temporary, and would resolve itself over time. When it didn't, he was given further surgery by a separate hospital in order to correct it.

However, after three years he says he is still unable to fully close his eyes, nor fully open them.


To keep his eyes moist he now uses eye drops, and at night he sleeps with a warmed towel over his face.

"My eyes were distorted, I could barely see at all. She'd lifted my left eyelid up and my right eye had a blinker in the corner. It never improved again," he said. "I was unable to see and at night I still had to tape it shut."

Following surgery abroad, he has seen some improvements and will go again later this year for a follow-up, where he will potentially receive further treatment. A spokesperson for the hospital where he received the plastic surgery told Wales Online that the surgeon who performed it has been suspended over another matter.

"We can’t comment on the detail of individual cases," the spokesperson said. "But we are committed to the highest standards of patient safety and care quality and are investigating this matter thoroughly. The surgeon in question is currently suspended as we are mirroring an NHS trust suspension."

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