Man Straps Drones Together To Create A DIY Hovercraft


Danielle Andrew

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2255 Man Straps Drones Together To Create A DIY Hovercraft
YouTube user Gasturbine 101 flying his DIY hovercraft. YouTube screencapture

Drones are defined as a non-piloted aircraft, controlled remotely by the user. Viewed as an innocent pastime by some, and an annoying invasive toy to others, drones have become increasingly popular in recent years with models hitting the market for as little as $40 (£25).

With a new toy to play with, it was always clear that someone was going to take it a little further. And in the case of YouTube user Gasturbine101, it wasn’t enough to watch the view from the drone with his feet safely on the ground.


Meet “Swarm”, described by the uploader of the video as The Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone... which can basically be described as a bunch of drones, strapped together with a seat added in. It would appear its creator spent a considerable amount of time, effort and funds on the project, as he states it cost him approximately £6,000 (that's $9,200) and has a 54 counter-rotation propellers, a take-off weight of 148 kilograms (326 pounds) and a maximum run time of 10 minutes.

You'll flip from incredulous to pretty darn impressed as the odd looking DIY craft manages to hover a few feet above the ground.



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