James Bond-Style Laser Watch Finally Invented

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103 James Bond-Style Laser Watch Finally Invented
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Some inventors use nature for inspiration. Others use movies. And German laser enthusiast Patrick Priebe is definitely one of the latter. He’s already created an Iron Man-inspired missile launcher, X-Men style laser eye gear, and a wrist-mounted “webshooter” that’ll make you feel like Spider-Man, among many other cool gadgets. Now, he’s gone and made a James Bond-style laser watch in homage to the device made by Q in the iconic movie Never Say Never Again.

Considering it packs a punch, the gadget itself isn’t that bulky. It features an LED watch module, a metal body, a carbon fiber face and a homemade 1500-milliwatt laser. Priebe is a DIY proponent, so he made all of the components himself, including the tiny little brass button that activates the laser. Altogether, it took him around 40-50 hours to make the gadget, which cost him about $200 in materials.


Priebe gives us a demo of the watch’s capabilities in the YouTube video below, and it’s pretty impressive. Unfortunately, playing secret agent is draining on the small lithium-polymer battery, so you’ll only get around 5-10 minutes of laser use before it runs out of juice. Still, that should be enough to cut through your wrist ties and escape the baddies, should you ever find yourself in such a situation.



Obviously, this gadget is not a toy, and it is dangerous, so unfortunately we can’t all be running around with lasers attached to our wrists. While he has no intention of mass-marketing the watch, like his other inventions, some lucky folks might be able to swindle a custom order through his website. He says if he were to make it for sale, it would probably be more than $300. And that would be $300 very well spent.


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