LG Display Unveils Incredible New Flexible Televisions


Danielle Andrew

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clockAug 12 2015, 19:17 UTC
1731 LG Display Unveils Incredible New Flexible Televisions
Newest flexible technology. LG Display.

LG Display continues to be the leading pioneer in flexible technology - debuting its new flexible TV panel at an event in Korea this week.

18 inches wide, the screen offers high definition viewing – but can be rolled up into a 3 cm radius without damage to the screen or technology.


The screen was made possible by its OLED, or organic light emitting diode, technology, which allows it to be lighter, thinner and more flexible than standard LCD screens.

At an event in Korea earlier this week, LG demonstrated its newest flexible display screens, which are 55 inches wide and paper-thin at 0.97 mm thick, and weigh just 1.9 kg – all the while still offering high definition. Attachable to surfaces via magnets, the new screen can be fitted to curved walls.

Paper thin TV display can be stuck to curved surfaces via magnets. LG Display.


The benefits of this technology are that eventually, bendable TVs, tablets and smartphones will be much easier to transport and a lot less likely to sustain damage. Other companies such as Apple and Samsung have also been developing the technology – but although Apple offered up its most malleable iPhone yet in the form of the 6th generation smartphone, and Samsung previously promised flexible smartphones in 2015, neither have released any devices with the new fully-flexible technology.

LG Display uploaded a video to YouTube showing the screen in action.



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