How To Spot A Pseudoscience. Find Out More In Issue 15 Of CURIOUS – Out Now

Can we travel through time? Do plants get cancer? All this and more exclusively in the latest issue of our free e-magazine.

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CURIOUS Issue 15

Learn more about telling the difference between science and snake oil.

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Issue 15 (October 2023) of CURIOUS is out now, bringing you science highlights for the month plus deep dives into intriguing topics, interviews, exclusives, diary dates, and explanations for some of Earth’s most perplexing natural phenomena and landscapes.

In This Issue


OUR COVER STORY: How To Spot A Pseudoscience

The line between science and pseudoscience can be pretty blurry – find out how to know when you’re being had.

DEEP DIVE: Can We Travel Through Time?

Time travel – is it truly possible or strictly science fiction?

WE HAVE QUESTIONS: Do Plants Get Cancer?

And is there such a thing as plant medicine?

WHERE ON EARTH: New Zealand’s Seal Creche Waterfall

For a few months each year, the Ōhau Waterfall in Kaikōura, New Zealand, becomes a seal pup paradise.

Exclusive: Meet Author Dr Suzie Edge and read an excerpt from her new book Vital Organs

Plus: News, diary dates, what to see, watch, and read this month, and much more.

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