How To Build A Smartphone Microscope Stand for $10

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896 How To Build A Smartphone Microscope Stand for $10
Instructables user kmyoshino

Obtaining a high quality microscope for your home or a classroom doesn’t require a massive investment. For only $10, basic supplies from a hardware store can be turned into microscope stand for a smart phone capable of reaching up to 175x magnification. All that is required for this setup is a piece of plywood, some Plexiglass, the lens from a laser pointer, small LED light, and some nuts and bolts to hold it together.

By using a smartphone with the microscope, images and videos of the specimens can be taken easily. This is a great tool for getting up close and personal with everyday small objects like salt and pepper, but it can also be used to see plant cells easily.


The video provides full instructions, but if you need a pictorial step-by-step guide, Instructables user kmyoshino has you covered here.

[Hat tip: kmyoshino via Instructables]

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