China's "Artificial Sun" Sets Fusion World Record For Longest Time At Plasma Temperature 

After maintaining temperatures of 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds and 160 million degrees Celsius for 20 seconds, China’s “artificial sun” has broken the world record for the longest period of time achieving a plasma temperature. The record was previously held by the Korean KSTAR fusion device. The “artificial sun” is a tokamak, a device that creates a magnetic field capable of confining plasma. 

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NASA Announces We’re Going Back To Venus! 

Three decades after their last mission to Venus in 1989, NASA has announced that it will be sending not one but two missions to the planet. The first selected mission is DAVINCI+, an atmospheric probe that will collect detailed measurements as it plunges through the atmosphere of Venus. The second is VERITAS, which will investigate plate tectonics and whether there are still volcanoes on the planet, as well as creating a detailed 3D reconstruction of the surface of Venus. 

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Meet The “Wandering Meatloaf”, The First Living Creature With Rare Iron Mineral In Its Teeth 

Cryptochiton stelleri – also known as the “wandering meatloaf” or the gumboot chiton – is a type of mollusk that scrapes its teeth against rocks for sustenance. This interesting feeing technique requires hard teeth to stop them wearing down quickly, and researchers have discovered that this is due to a rare iron hydroxyl phosphate mineral known as santabarbarite. This mineral has previously only been observed in small amounts in geological specimens. 

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Human-Induced Global Warming Causes More Than One-Third Of Heat-Related Deaths 

A new study has looked at heat-related deaths in 43 countries between 1991 and 2018, and found that on average 37 percent of them were attributable to human-induced global warming. The highest percentages of these deaths occurred in South America and Southeast Asia, with up to 76 percent of heat-related deaths in Ecuador and Colombia linked to climate change. The authors state that this paper shows that the world is already facing the consequences of human-driven climate change. 

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The Human Brain Is More Like A Testicle Than Any Other Organ 

The brain and the testicle may be more similar than we previously thought, a new study has shown. After comparing the proteins found in 33 different tissue types from throughout the human body, it was found that the brain and testis had the highest number of proteins in common at 13,442. It was also found that the two tissue types had the greatest similarity in gene expression. 

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Featured: An Autonomous Weaponized Drone "Hunted Down" Humans Without Command For First Time 

It’s possible that the first human has been killed by a drone operated by AI. According to a recent report to the UN Security Council, the attack took place in Libya in March 2020. Dubbed “Operation PEACE STORM”, the unmanned combat aerial vehicles were used against Haftar Affiliated Forces under the command of Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj. Although the report doesn’t specifically mention deaths, it does note “significant casualties.” 

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