Jurassic Park Is So Much Better When You Replace The Dinosaurs With The Ones From The '90s TV Show

This remake of Jurassic Park is the possibly the best use of Photoshop we've ever seen. @thisjenlewis/ twitter/Jurassic Park

A reimagining of Jurassic Park where the dinosaurs have been replaced with the dinosaurs from the TV show Dinosaurs has gone viral, largely because it's one of the funniest things you'll see in a long time.

Hilarious Twitter and Instagram comedian  has a new hobby, and it's one we'd highly encourage. She takes screenshots from Jurassic Park and puts in photos of members of the Sinclair family from Dinosaurs: Earl, Fran, Robbie, Charlene, Baby, and Ethyl.


The work may be one of the greatest photoshopping achievements in our lifetime.

Classic scenes she reimagines include the toilet scene but where the T. rex has been replaced with the father character from Dinosaurs, wearing checked shirt and waving in a friendly manner...

In the dinosaur egg hatch scene, everyone gazes in wonder at this little guy instead.

And, our personal favorite, instead of an ill Triceratops, Alan Grant listens to the breathing of a dinosaur who is now wearing a tuxedo.

Jen followed these up with ia second tweet of even more hilarious photos, including the scene where the children first see a family of dinosaurs. In this version, of course, the dinosaurs are replaced with the family of dinosaurs from the hit TV show.


The photo series has gone viral, with many fans calling for a full remake, and praising her for her excellent work.


People have called it a life-changing experience.


You may never watch Jurassic Park again without thinking "Huh, this really would be better if they replaced the dinosaurs with the dinosaurs from Dinosaurs" ever again.

Jen Lewis, who you should definitely also follow on Instagram, left with one final hilarious video and an apology to John Williams.


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