Can We Learn To Be Happier? Find Out More In Issue 14 Of CURIOUS – Out Now

Is there a difference between the male and female brain? How long did dinosaurs live? All this and more exclusively in the latest issue of our free e-magazine.

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IFLScience's free digital magazine CURIOUS ISSUE 14 out now

Is there any science-based evidence for how to turn that frown upside down?

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Issue 14 (September 2023) of CURIOUS is out now, bringing you science highlights for the month plus deep dives into intriguing topics, interviews, exclusives, diary dates, and explanations for some of Earth’s most perplexing natural phenomena and landscapes.

In This Issue


OUR COVER STORY: Can We Learn To Be Happier?

While we can’t necessarily control the events that trigger our moods, there are things one can do to become a more cheerful person.

DEEP DIVE: Is There A Difference Between The Male And Female Brain?

Can you really tell someone’s sex by looking at their brain?

WE HAVE QUESTIONS: How Long Did Dinosaurs Live?

Do we know what a lifespan looked like for dinosaurs?

WHERE ON EARTH: Palau’s Jellyfish Lake

Trapped thousands of years ago by changing sea levels, now a subspecies of jellyfish that exists nowhere else in the world thrives in the millions.

Exclusive: Meet Author Dr Lindsey Fitzharris and read an excerpt from her new book The Facemaker

Plus: News, diary dates, what to see, watch, and read this month, and much more.

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