Pornhub's New Research-Based Survey Can Match Your Sexual Profile To Models And Friends

It's time to talk about sex. Image Credit: gpointstudio/

In collaboration with the Museum of Sex and sexology research institutes, Pornhub has announced they will be massively expanding the world’s first research-based sexual survey. SexType.Me is an online tool that helps users discover their sexual and personality characteristics, before comparing their profiles to Pornhub models and even friends. The team behind it, including molecular biologist Lee Silver and researcher Kristen Mark, hopes to ‘demystify’ sex and allow participants to use their newfound understanding to increase sexual fulfillment. 

“Mankind has always sought social acceptance from his peers. Sex and sexuality are still taboo subjects for many people. This can lead to feelings of isolation when we perceive our own desires as deviant or undesirable. SexTypeMe offers an empirical summary of our sexuality through the sexual profile,” said the sexual wellness team at the Museum of Sex, in an interview with IFLScience. 

“We hope to demystify sex the way Myers-Briggs demystified personality traits. By being more aware of our own sexual profile we may seek out more aligned and fulfilling sexual relationships. SexTypeMe will help users find compatible partners who share their sexual interests, and not simply tolerate them. Our questionnaire may even introduce you to elements of your sexuality you hadn’t yet considered!” 

The survey itself gets into the nitty-gritty details of your sexual desires, asking an array of questions that you use a slider to answer. However, it also delves into your personality traits – giving deep insights into impulsiveness, discipline, and more – and how those traits relate to sex. After all, sex is not all about whips and chains – a deciding factor in sexual chemistry is often the bond between partners. 

Once complete, the survey allows you to pair your sexual profile up with many of Pornhub’s stars, allowing you to tailor your entertainment towards the results. By participating, users will also help the researchers achieve their goal of generating a large enough sample size to finally analyze sexual personalities, and how they relate to traditional personality traits. The results will be published in a scientific journal once complete. 

“At the core of sexual health is an understanding of sexual personality and desires,” said Pornhub, in an email to IFLScience. 

“SexType.Me will go a long way toward allowing users to fully grasp their sexuality type, even matching users with some of their favorite Models. We’re happy to partner with the Museum of Sex and take part in a project that can be both entertaining and educational, and utilize our loyal base to help fuel research that can make impactful change.” 

Sexual health and intimacy have strong ties with mental health, and promoting sexual wellbeing may strongly contribute to overall mental and physical wellbeing, as well as being a necessary pillar of public health. Despite its necessity, many characteristics of sex remain taboo, something overwhelmingly-present in the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, 54 percent of LGBTQ+ people in America have hidden a personal relationship to avoid discrimination, and such discrimination has led to many directly avoiding healthcare. By providing a large and anonymous survey including the traits people are hesitant to discuss, it could help those affected realize they aren’t abnormal, just unique. 


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