Latest Viral "Prank" Could Cause An Explosion In Your House

We shouldn't need to tell anyone this really. Don't microwave tin foil.

We shouldn't need to tell anyone this: Don't microwave tin foil. 

I feel like we shouldn’t have to remind you of this, but then again we also had to tell people not to snort condoms or chow down on washing detergent, so you know 2018 has already scraped the bottom, or so we’d like to think.

But there is another viral tweet going around, this time telling people to put tin foil in the microwave. As every parent tells their child: Don’t be an idiot.


It seems the “craze” is a twisted take on a trend in Japan that entails taking a massive ball of tin foil, melding it, and hammering and polishing it until it is shiny and smooth because I mean sure, why the hell not?

Inevitably, this has led to some nefarious people on the Internet trying to trick people into fucking things up by placing a massive ball of foil into a microwave to skip the hours of their life that would otherwise be spent hammering and rubbing a lump of tin foil.


But wait! Remember when the Internet tried to fool iPhone owners into setting their clocks back to 1970 and they ended up breaking the thing? Well, you’ve guessed it reader, this is yet another Internet “prank” that isn’t really a prank, just people being terrible humans.

As if you need telling, please don’t put tin foil in a microwave. It won’t make it into a shiny ball, but it will likely ruin your microwave. Still, according to Twitter posts, some people took the suggestion literally, with entirely predictable results. How legit these are we do not know, but for everyone’s sake, we really hope they aren’t.  


Thankfully, there are at least some nice people out there who have been trying their darndest to stop others from following suit, pointing out the obvious flaw in the plan. Well, don’t say you haven't been warned.


If you want to see a video of what actually happens when you put foil in the microwave (so you don’t have to trash your own), then check out the video below because this is the Internet so obviously someone has done this before.


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