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7 Myths About Space You Probably Believe


Danielle Andrew

Editorial Intern

2469 7 Myths About Space You Probably Believe
NASA/Hubble Heritage Team

It will come as no surprise that some of the things you were taught in school are in fact completely wrong. Our understanding of the world around us and the Universe are constantly shifting as we delve deeper into how and why things exist as they do.

So, on that note, did you know that the Sun isn’t yellow, or orange, or any fire-like color? It’s actually bright white. And did you also believe that if a black hole formed nearby, then our Solar System would get almost instantly sucked inside of it. In fact, if our Sun were to become a black hole, we would continue orbiting it just like we do now.


Take a look at Matthew Santoro’s video explaining more space myths you probably still believe…



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