Study Attempts To Scientifically Determine Exactly What Women Want In The Bedroom


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The female orgasm has been misunderstood for several years. And unlike men, there are many ways for women to reach their climax, yet it's mostly taught by porn that it's strictly vaginal penetration. Sorry fellas, it's not.

A study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy looked into how women orgasm and their past experiences when achieving it.


Professor Debra Herbenick from Indiana University and colleagues studied what women enjoyed most in the bedroom to help heighten their sexual response cycle in order to orgasm. 

The researchers spoke to 1,055 women from the US who identified as being straight. Women from the ages of 18 to 94 were involved in the research and asked to answer questions that touched on sexual behavior and sexual stimulation.

In the research, 18.4 percent of the women said that intercourse alone was enough to reach orgasm, 36.6 percent of women admitted to needing clitoral stimulation in order have an orgasm during intimacy. However, 36 percent also specifically shared clitoral stimulation wasn’t necessary but did heighten the feeling of pleasure.

In addition to this, 10.8 percent of women reported that all their orgasms felt the same, but most said that the excitement of their orgasms were all different.


Two-thirds of women involved in the research said that they would rather have stimulation where their clitoris was being touched in an up and down movement, which helps create a sexual excitement.

All in all, the results pointed out that women responded to different stimulations when sexually aroused and that not one size fits all. Just over half of the women in the study shared that a good amount of foreplay and having a sexual partner who explains what they enjoy, as well as emotional intimacy, lead to better orgasms.

For further research, Herbernick gave 1,046 women and 975 men in the US a long list of various sexual behaviors and asked them to rate them according to how appealing they found them. The top five were vaginal intercourse, by no surprise, at 69.9 percent. Sixty-two percent said cuddling more often, 49.3 percent said kissing during intimacy, saying sweet romantic things in the middle of sex was at 46.6 percent, and giving or receiving a massage before sex was found to be very appealing by 45.9 percent of the participants.


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