Watch As 15 Skyscrapers Simultaneously Explode In Mass Demolition


Jack Dunhill

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

clockAug 30 2021, 14:50 UTC

Kunming just got a little flatter. Image Credit: Zijin/

What happens when you rapidly erect 15 skyscrapers, but then can’t finish the construction after seven years? It all gets demolished in one cataclysmic explosion. 

According to media outlet Mehr News Agency, 15 skyscrapers in Kunming, China, were left unfinished for far too long and were simultaneously destroyed on Friday 27th. According to Yahoo, the basements of the buildings had been submerged in rainwater. Preparations for the coordinated explosion lasted for four days, during which time surrounding shops were closed and residents were evacuated.  


Despite the preparations, one building was a bit too stubborn and managed to survive the demolitions, and can be seen on a severe tilt at the end of the video


This is not the first time simultaneous demolitions have occurred in China. In 2017, 36 buildings were dropped in a mere 20 seconds in Zhengzhou in the hopes that the area could be renovated into a more appealing hub. With so many high-rise buildings painting the skylines of many Chinese cities, space is paramount, and so demolition for renovation happens regularly; while many others have outlived their expected lifespan, resulting in their removal for new homes and facilities. 


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