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Freelance Writer


The expers have chosen their favorite - now it's time for the public to do the same. Image: Rudi Hulshof

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, held each year at the Natural History Museum in London, never fails to dazzle visitors with its selection of the best wildlife pictures from around the world. Picking a favorite is never easy, but the event's organizers are asking you to do just that, and have created a shortlist of 25 images for the public to vote for in the People's Choice Award. You can cast your vote on the official website, and in case you need a bit of help making your decision, we've picked out some of our favorites.



Opportunistic Croc by Bence Máté


Hungarian photographer Bence Máté snapped this snapper mid-chomp at the Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa.


Eye Contact by Guy Edwardes



A Dalmatian pelican tries to stare out British photographer Guy Edwards at Lake Kerkini in Greece.


Hitching A Ride by Daisy Gilardini


Daisy Gilardini, from Switzerland, took this photo of the polar bear public transport system in Mantioba's Wapusk National Park.



The Couple by Sergio Sarta


Italian Sarta captured this image of a pair of Coleman shrimp taking refuge among the poisonous quills of a fire urchin off the coast of Tulamben in Bali, Indonesia.



Confusion by Rudi Hulshof


These two southern white rhinos were pictured in perfect tandem by South African Rudi Hulshof at the Welgevonden Game Reserve.


The Blue Trail by Mario Cea



A kingfisher takes a dramatic drink, right in front of Spanish photographer Mario Cea.


Breakfast Time by Cari Hill


Rothschild's giraffes regularly greet visitors – like new Zealand's Cari Hill – at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya.



A Mother's Hand by Alain Mafart Renodier


French photographer Renodier had his finger on the shutter just as this Japanese macaque's mother had hers on its head at the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park.



Ghostly Snow Geese by Gordon Illg


Illg, from the US, captured these snow geese making an eerie early morning arrival at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.


Monkey Ball by Thomas Kotka



German photographer Kotka channelled his inner simian and climbed a tree to capture this group of snow monkeys huddling for warmth on Japan's Shodoshima Island.

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