Unleash Your Inner Artist With These Expert-Led Drawing Classes

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Lissett Fun

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Not everyone can pick up a brush and declare they're an artist. Some artists are born through practice and education! Even the best artist could appreciate the value of formal classes on linear perspective or drawing female superheroes. Look, there is always room to grow. That's the great thing about art: You can only get better. 

The Fundamental Drawing Bundle for Beginners is perfect for those who want to dip their feet into the world of art or those ready to dive in full-body. It offers more than 56 hours of lessons within 12 specific courses. It has something for everyone. Wanna sketch some animals? Look no further. Oh, you're more into digital art? That's right here, too.


The bundle is 96% off for only $39.99. That's an awesome deal to learn a lifelong skill you can build into a fun hobby to show off or even a career.  

An all-of-the-above approach to drawing

Art can be many things. It can be the photo on your nightstand. It can be the painting you hang above your couch. Art can even be the bright red cardinal singing outside your window. This course bundle gives you the skills you need to capture all types of art. The bundle takes an all-of-the-above approach to drawing. 

The first course in the bundle, for instance, is called "The Art & Science of Drawing: Form and Space." This class lays much of the groundwork for the rest that follows. However, it also teaches you an essential skill should you pursue art as a full-time hobby or job: the art of 3-D. You draw really basic objects like cylinders and cubes, but these shapes make up much of our world. Learn these, and everything else will likely come much easier.


However, the courses also cover figure drawing and drawing heads from different angles. If shading is the skill you want to focus on, you'll really love "The Complete Pencil Drawing & Shading Course for Beginners." In this course, you will get to play around with graphite pencils to see what magic they can work. By the end of the course, you should be able to sketch a real nose with no problem. 

The Fundamental Drawing Bundle for Beginners' strength is its variety. That doesn't mean you can't dive deep in a certain area, though. 

Perfecting the animal and human forms

Animals can be among the more challenging art forms. You might be able to get your pet to sit still for a moment, but you might struggle to have them lay motionless for longer than a few minutes—unless they're taking a nap. If you're more interested in drawing wild animals, well, that becomes even more challenging.


But definitely not impossible. "Drawing Animal Portraits For Beginners" is four hours of pure fun. The course teaches you the elements of shading necessary to draw animals, as well as the grid method if you want to recreate a portrait from a photo. By the end of the course, you will complete a full portrait. You'll have to go ahead and check out The Fundamental Drawing Bundle for Beginners to find out which animal, though.

Do you know what's tougher to capture than animals? Humans. That's because a true artist doesn't just capture someone's eye shape or the color of their lips. A true artist can capture a person's essence in an image. Through the stroke of a brush or the flick of a pencil, somehow, an artist can show you who a person really is through a painting or drawing. The coolest thing is that sometimes these are the least human-like images of people.

Take superheroes or comic characters. Far from a portrait, these art forms are highly popular. That's because they resonate with people. "How to Draw Dynamic Comic Book Superheroes: Start to Finish" goes step by step to explain how to draw different types of comic book scenes.

If drawing people and animals is where you hope to build skills, The Fundamental Drawing Bundle for Beginners has got something for you.


Taking your art digital

While plenty of artists still use paintbrushes or graphite pencils, many are turning to digital options, instead. Especially if you're hoping to animate your artwork down the line, learning how to build pieces digitally is key. However, doing so is not a one-and-done deal. There are all types of different software to create digital art. This bundle does not skimp on its offerings.

"From Drawing to Pattern in Adobe Illustrator: A Masterclass" gives you the low-down on using Adobe Illustrator. The software isn't included with the course, but it's essential these days. The course even shows you how to transfer drawings from your sketchbook and digitize them. So if you're not necessarily looking to use a tablet or your laptop to create art, you can still use traditional methods and share them digitally. However, the course goes on to offer lessons on creating patterns and colorways.

If your heart is in fantasy art, "Digital Painting: Amazing Fantasy Art in Manga Studio 5" gives you 10 hours of content to learn how to draw magical weapons, power effects, and rock formations digitally


All in all, The Fundamental Drawing Bundle for Beginners is a true steal. It's got everything for someone. And, c'mon, who doesn't dream of becoming a cool artist? Get it now for only $39.99.